Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Branding 101

How do you create a story and most importantly a cause.
To create a powerful brand story you must tackle a problem that effects a large group of people or businesses. You need to look at the problems with that subject or industry and then focus on what others have done about those problems. Once you have that information you need to asses the information for what is does good for the industry and weather the solution is a bandage or a fix. From that assessment you can create a list of differentiators between your solution and other companies approaches.

So now you can tell your story of the industry its problems and your solutions. You can use this formula I+P+S= story

The Printed Word:
Once you have a branding story to tell you must use that story on all your print material. Business cards, and brochures must have the same look and feel along with the same brand statements.

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